Monday, July 11, 2011

In a new direction

It has been hectic at my place, sometimes it seems we run on overdrive. My boys are on holidays and I just needed to slow down. So far out of the 2 weeks someone has been sick each day and heading into the 3rd week looks like it isn't going to be much different.

So, a slower pace was needed for them and myself. Instead, after some very generous encouragement, I have made a new style of doll that I absolutely love, with the arms swinging down and the feet shaped slightly differently. I am still tweaking the design. This is Curly Sue, my first try. She is holding her Shroompers!

And this is Meilah. I changed her leg and body size and so she worked out at 17".

I so enjoyed working on her I decided she also needed a funky headband.

 So here is me sending up many prayers for wellness in my sick family home. Particularly for me, so I can take care of those that depend on me.


  1. I hope your guys all recover and that you stay well for sure! I love love love both dolls... kudos for bravely stretching your creativity :) xoxo

  2. Your dolls are beautiful! I'm a happy new follower of your blog. I hope you are able to find some enjoyment in slowing down!