Monday, July 11, 2011

In a new direction

It has been hectic at my place, sometimes it seems we run on overdrive. My boys are on holidays and I just needed to slow down. So far out of the 2 weeks someone has been sick each day and heading into the 3rd week looks like it isn't going to be much different.

So, a slower pace was needed for them and myself. Instead, after some very generous encouragement, I have made a new style of doll that I absolutely love, with the arms swinging down and the feet shaped slightly differently. I am still tweaking the design. This is Curly Sue, my first try. She is holding her Shroompers!

And this is Meilah. I changed her leg and body size and so she worked out at 17".

I so enjoyed working on her I decided she also needed a funky headband.

 So here is me sending up many prayers for wellness in my sick family home. Particularly for me, so I can take care of those that depend on me.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A tale of 2 yarns

I wanted to show you the different ways I put the boys hair on. This is Malachi and Hunter, they are custom orders for 2 different Mama's.

As you can see Malachi's hair sewn down. The reason for this is the thickness of the handspun wool that I used, making it almost impossible to hook the hair through a crochet cap. Hunter's hair (on the right) is hooked through, the yarn is much thinner than Malachi's. Hooking the hair through a cap takes forever! But not as much as this little guy, Bailey.
Bailey's hair took me about 4 hours. I had to sew each strand of hair individually and it looks fantastic all spiked up like that and is so lovely to touch but way too much work to replicate.

And since there is way too many boy on the page, I thought I would include a girl :)

Em x