Sunday, June 5, 2011

The tales of many...

There are many things in my life, many boys, many dolls, many highs and many lows.
This month I had way too many custom dolls to create and it took a lot of time away from my children. We spent the day together yesterday as a family, a rarity in itself, at a fantastic park nearby. I got some great shots of the boys before we left.

My sister is heading away soon, she is going to live on a bus in Bellingen with her 3 children and her husband. Some would call it madness but it suits them perfectly. They are all very excited to be leaving over the next 2 weeks but we will miss them greatly.

The sun was very very bright in the kids eyes

.. and since I cannot seem to get through the day without doing anything doll related, I made Georgie Berry in the evening after they were all in bed.


  1. Beautiful pics Em. We will miss you all greatly too :(

  2. Your children are so beautiful, and it comes through in your dolls Emma. We all have many highs and many lows, but we all have our families to support us. I hope you have a good day (it looks like its going to pour here!).

  3. Beautiful pictures of your boys Em