Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First post on my new blog...

Hi! Welcome to my Blog about my dolls, my 3 boys and my VERY chaotic life.

Some background information is in order, I think. I used to work in the corporate IT world until children came calling. After going back to full time work with the first, part time work with the second and refusing to go back with the third I found myself needing to be active as baby brain seemed to have invaded and never quite left.

The dolls came about as a creative outlet, a way of hanging out with my children while remaining active. And it seems my dolls are well liked in Dolly land and I would not have hoped for more.

I love creating the dolls, the feel of them as they take shape. Taking wool roving and stuffing it into tubular gauze to get a kind of oval shape and then turning that into a head.

I have to say the stuffing of body parts is very therapeutic in times of chaos that reign at my house.

The horde is calling out for dinner so I will leave you with a picture of Huck Finn, one of my latest dolls.

Em x


  1. Yay! A JOM blog! and a picture of Huck, to boot! I will have to show Gabe. Congrats Em, this is fun step and I, for one, cannot wait to watch it unfold! :) Have a great day.

  2. Welcome to the blogging world! And feel free to send me those heads lol

  3. Huck is beautiful! :0)
    Welcome to blog land Em!

  4. I think you do an amazing job with the dolls! I also stay at home with my 3 kiddos. Can't wait to read/see more